The “Record a Personal Video” functionality will allow you to record the video via your webcam, if one exists. This feature utilises YouTube to record and save the video and is initiated once you click record-video-statement-button.


Click  record-from-webcam


 You will be asked to login to your Google account, if you are not already logged in.

If you do not have a Google account or YouTube configured you may have some additional steps to perform in order to fully enable this functionality.


Once YouTube is connected, click start-recording this will trigger a privacy request to access your webcam,


please select “allow”.down100

Which British School then verifies that you are happy to upload a webcam recording to your YouTube account, clicking “OK” will enable you to start the recording.authorise


Please record your video now, on completion click stop-recording.


You now have three options:

  1. Review the video you have just recorded by pressing the play button play
  2. Re-record the video by clicking  start-again
  3. Save the video to your YouTube account by clicking continue.


Once you have completed the video and saved it, the link to the video will automatically be entered into the field above and after a couple of moments the video you have just recorded will be visible on the page.


Do remember to Save the profile changes before navigating away from the page.



The video you record is not stored on Which British School servers, it is recorded to your (or the one you assigned it too when you began the recording) YouTube account and is subject to all terms and conditions relating to storing it there. We set the video to be ‘unlisted’, so it is not listed publicly on YouTube or elsewhere, but can be viewed by those who have the URL. For more information please visit for further information on the privacy settings of the video.

To view the uploaded Video or to delete old versions, please visit your YouTube videos at

For information regarding managing your recorded Videos on YouTube, please visit


YouTube’s Policy and Safety Hub is a central resource for you to learn about YouTube’s policies, safety practices, and reporting tools. Located here –


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