We want what is best for your child (too!)


Increased Opportunities

By targeting a wider audience families are vastly improving a child's chances of being placed in the best fit school for them.  They also give them the opportunity to be considered for potential scholarships and bursaries.  These are awarded to able and applicable students applying to a British independent school. Every school sets their own entry criteria for these awards and every child registered on Which British School can be considered by the schools for their awards.  For a family or their representative to cover the same ground would take significantly longer.

Save Money and Time

The initial research process of finding the right school to suit your child, budget and circumstances is hugely time consuming and costly.  When you register your child on Which British School you literally present them to all suitable schools, with places available who will contact you directly to discuss your child and what the school can offer them.  Your valuable time is now spent getting to know a school, rather than searching for one.  

If you would like a second opinion on the schools that approach you why not get in touch.  We have visited and worked with all the schools represented on the system and would be happy to provide our expert advice.

One Size Certainly Doesn't Fit All

All parents want the best British education for their child.  To some, for example, this means they must attend a school at the top of the rankings table. There are schools however, that simply don't partake in these tables that also invest huge amounts of time and resources into producing high quality students.  By using Which British School each child will be put in front of a wider audience and by considering all schools that make contact you can ensure each child is placed in a school that is best suited to their way of learning and their personality.

Keep an Open Mind

When searching for the best schools parents and their representatives consider a combination of factors; reputation, academic achievement, location, network, historical importance and word of mouth from people they trust and respect.  By keeping an open mind and not simply focusing on schools within a short train ride from Heathrow, or a school that has produced Prime Ministers, you will be pleasantly surprised by the outstanding schools your child might have the privilege of attending.

Listen to the Experts

British independent boarding schools are experts on the type of child that would fit well in to their school's community.   It is worth talking to the schools that make contact with you to discuss their future development plans and how your child would benefit.  They may see that your child is a future scientist looking to enter Year 9.  What you didn't know is that by the time they start their GCSEs, a brand new science block will be built providing state-of-the-art facilities and endless opportunity in the world of science, isn't that worth a consideration?  This is information you may not have discovered doing your own research.

Specific Requirements

There are over 500 independent boarding schools in the United Kingdom. Each and every one of them offering a first class education to the right child.  However, not all consider students that need to enter a year late or that need to start in the second term of the year.  Some offer a variety of pre-courses and short stays.  Others have strong learning support and EFL departments.  To find out this information for yourself takes huge amounts of time, whether you are working with an Educational Consultant or not, and even then have you considered all of your options?  Which British School enables the right schools to come to you, so you spend more time talking and less time searching.

All Fees Covered

In the UK you can find schools with fees ranging from £8500 a year to £35,000.  

Being registered on Which British School allows schools whose fees suit your annual budget to approach you, without you having to do all the initial research.

A school in or around London for example could cost £35,000, whereas the same calibre of school in Scotland may cost £27,000 but offer exactly the same, and in some cases better facilities, class sizes and academic results.  They will tend to have smaller international numbers too making the child's experience all that more British.

Our state boarding school members have been recognised as innovative and high achieving, with above average exam results, and some have achieved outstanding Ofsted reports.(https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofsted).

Most commonly these schools can provide on campus boarding, or alternatively, home stay families.  They can cost from approx £8500 a year to £22,000 a year.   EU or Commonwealth passport holders can apply, however there are a number of state schools that can also accept applications from students from around the world.  Which British School will ensure your Student Profile is sent to the relevant schools only.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? - Dr Seuss.

Applying to schools using a Which British School Student Profile ensures your child stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression on the people that matter.

Our profiles highlight a child's individuality in a way no one else does. Using video technology you are able to upload short videos of your child with family, or demonstrating a musical, sporting or artistic talent, or simply talking about themselves, their goals, dreams and interests.

When comparing the Which British School method vs traditional registration form and school report; it's not hard to decide which method of application is more effective when your child's future depends on it.