We understand you may have some questions, if they are not answered here please feel free to contact us or email us at student@whichbritishschool.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Profile and Payment

Q. How do I register a student on the Which British School website?

A. By clicking on any of the ‘Register a Student’ links throughout the site.

Q. How do I pay for a student's subscription?

A. When you have registered an account you will be sent a verification email, click on this email and it will take you to the Log In page where you will be asked to pay for the child’s subscription via PayPal.  Once payment is made you can create the student’s profile.

Q. Can more than one student be added at the same time?

A. Only Educational Advisors and Schools can register more than one student and to do this they must register for an account first.  If a parent wishes to register more than one of their children then they will need to register each one separately.  The same email address can not be used for multiple registrations.

Q. Do we need to complete a child's profile all at once?

A. No, you can save the profile at any time and go back to add more information or edit it at a later stage.  When you have completed the profile you click ‘Completed Profile’ to send it out to schools.

Q. What information do I need before I start to create a profile?

A. Please click here to be taken to the ‘Creating a Profile’ page.

Q. Do I have to upload a personal video?

A. The simple answer to this is ‘yes’ if you want to stand out to the schools, but you can send a profile to schools without one but we do highly recommend making a short video.  It is simple to do and the schools will appreciate it.

Q. Can the grades entered for maths, English and science be an average grade achieved by the child over their last few reports?

A. No.  The grades entered must match those in the ‘Latest Report’ uploaded.

Q. What do we enter in the 'Recent Grades' section if we do not receive such grades as A-F in schools in our country?

A. If you can not provide such grades then you must ensure your latest report is uploaded in English.  We would highly recommend that the student applying sits UKiset (www.ukiset.com).  Their UKiset results can then be added to their profile and schools will use these results to get a better understanding of the student’s abilities.

Q. If it hasn't been decided which qualification or course the student wishes to take yet can we leave this section blank?

A. No.  Select all the qualifications or courses relevant to the entry year of the child so that their profile is sent to all relevant schools.  The schools will then discuss this matter with you should they choose to engage with you.  

Q. Do 'Chosen Subjects' need to be entered?

A. No.  If the child has not yet decided which subjects they wish to study the schools can discuss this with you should they choose to engage with you.

Q. Can more than one selection be made if it has not been decided on the type of school or its location?

A. Yes. You can select as many as you like.  We strongly recommend that you keep your options open and consider all locations and types of schools as this will allow more schools to see the student’s profile and increase your chances of finding the perfect school.

Educational Agents

Q. Can our representative create a profile for a child?

A. Yes.  They can create a Student Profile.  The schools that contact your representative will want to discuss the student’s personal statement with the student, so this must be written by the student themselves and passed to the representative for them to upload to the student’s profile.

Q. If the agent creates the student's profile how can the student add a personal video?

A. The student can visit the representative’s office to record their video or they can record their video on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop and email it to the representative.  The representative can then upload the link to the student’s profile. The representative can also provide the student’s log in details so that the student can record the video into their profile on their own.

Q. Who will the schools contact if a representative is listed on the child's profile?

A. The schools will contact the representative.  Many schools will work with representative.  Some however prefer to deal directly with the parents, which is why we ask if one of the parents speaks English.

Q. Can a representative be listed on more than one child's Profile?

A. Yes.  A representative can represent as many children as they want on Which British School.

School Selection

Q. Can specific schools be selected to receive the student's Profile?

A. Not yet. The student’s profile will be sent to all matched schools.  The student is matched to these schools using a filtering system.  The filters used include location, entry year, chosen course or qualification, type of school and  academic criteria.  At any time however, schools can search the entire Which British School Student Directory to look for a suitable student to join their school.  So even top schools that suddenly find themselves with a place available could search the Directory and contact a student late in the year by using the main Directory.  From September 2015 parents can select their first choice school.  The system will first match the student’s profile to the chosen school and if it is a match it will be sent on to the school.  If it is not the profile will be filtered through the system and sent to suitable schools for consideration.

Q. What is the process when a school engages with a family or their representative via Which British School?

A. The school will send a message to the parents or their representative to say that they are interested in the student.  The parent and/or representative can then review the school’s profile, which will contain links to their website.  We highly recommend that a conversation is had with the school (s) that express an interest in a student.  If possible, we also strongly recommend visiting the schools.

Q. Can parents engage with and consider more than one school?

A. Yes.  If a student is lucky enough to receive invitations from more than one school it is a good idea to have a conversation with the schools before a decision is made as to which one to pursue.  

Q. When a school engages with a family are they offering the student a place?

A. No.  The student will still have to sit any necessary entry tests, and be interviewed before an offer can be made. Some schools will only make an offer once the student and their family have visited the school.

Q. Can the details on the type of school or course required be changed on the student's profile and then be sent out again to all relevant schools?

A. When certain fields are changed in the student’s profile, their profile will be added to all relevant schools’ ‘Directory of Suitable Students’.  

Q. How many schools will receive a student profile?

A. It is not possible to say as this will depend on their entry criteria and school requirements.

Q. What types of schools are Which British School members?

A. The majority of our members are independent schools that offer day and boarding. They are a mix of highly selective, selective and non selective prestigious schools.  Only state schools that offer boarding can become members at this time.  We also work with International Study Centres, Summer School providers, Tutorial Colleges and 6th Form Colleges.

Q. What is an International Study Centre ?

A. These are schools that support and prepare students that wish to enter a mainstream school whose English is not yet good enough for them to cope with the fast paced life of a mainstream school.  ISCs are also an excellent way to prepare a student for boarding school life and introduce them to the British culture before they start their new school.  Most ISCs have 4 terms rather than 3 like the mainstream schools, which means that a student can start at an ISC at the beginning of Easter (in March) or over summer before they start at their new school in September.  Which British School highly recommends ISCs to students with weak English language skills whether highly academic or not because time spent at an ISC will greatly improve their chances of achieving top grades in their exams.