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New Relationships

By adding students' profiles to Which British School you are targeting a wider audience, vastly improving the students chances of being placed in a good school whilst putting your company's name in front of them.  Remember, via Which British School the first point of contact you have with a school will always be a positive one because you will only be in contact with them because they have selected your student, which helps create and maintain long lasting and healthy relationships.

Needle in a Hay Stack.

There is a British school somewhere in the UK that suits every child, all offering a superb education and unrivalled co-curricular opportunities. If you were to apply to all of them to find that perfect match you would be very busy indeed.   Which British School does exactly that for you, and in doing so, introduces you to new schools, which in turn strengthens the portfolio of the schools you work with.

Hot Approach

Which British School is a tool for agents and consultants that enables you to present your students to schools that are actively looking for students of the same calibre.   Schools will only receive candidates that match their entrance criteria and therefore every student that lands in their inbox is a hot lead, which means that you will spend less time searching for suitable schools and more time dealing with the right ones.

Good News for Parents!

Imagine only ever calling a client with good news; to tell them that a school has personally invited their child for an interview. It is very flattering to the parents and puts you in good stead with the family and school.

Centralised Information

When you register an account on Which British School you can easily register your students and create their Student Profiles.  All messages sent to you from schools that are interested in your students will be stored in your account's inbox under each students' profile.  When a school connects with you on Which British School their detailed profile with links to their website, videos they have uploaded, as well as their prospectus and registration form are now available to you. 

Speak English Please!

By broadening the number of schools in which your students are placed, you are ensuring a more diverse culture amongst their communities. This is beneficial to everyone involved because when a student is unable to frequently converse in their own language, they learn English faster and adapt quickly in everything else because of it.

Breaking Bad

There are always naughty students, unsettled students, homesick students, sad students, under-challenged students and over-challenged ones too. Now, through Which British School these students can find a more suitable school that better serves its purpose for them.   You can help them find a school where they can be happy.  A happy heart, creates a healthy mind!  Which British School will present every child to every relevant member school for them to decide whether or not they are what is best for that child.

Current Availabilty

Which British School will instantly put your students in front of schools that have available places for entry this September, which means you don't have to spend time calling round to ask this question.  It will also make them easily accessible to selective schools that may suddenly find themselves with a place to offer.